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General Questions

We Could Do It As Easy as A-B-C

People come to us and as they go, we also take our sincerest approach to make sure that every individual customer will be accommodated. Now, you can strive against those shipping woes with these simple TIPS:

A - As we highly value your time for shipping with us, we strongly encourage you to come and visit our Manila Branch by 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM so as to avoid queing hassles during (10:00 AM - onwards) peak hours

B - Book online using website or DOFF(Online Booking) Mobile App and get priority queues at the counter for fast processing of your shipments.

C - Check the packaging of your shipment. It's your responsibility to make sure that the shipments are properly packed, particularly those fragile and valuable ones so that they will carry out their journey damage free. But don't forget to write the important details (Shipper and Consignee names, their addresses and contact details) to your packages before you send them to our branches. Questions? Want to know more about our services? Let our team who has real-time knowledge on product shipping assist you. Send us a message.

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Daily Overland Freight Forwarder has several areas of specialized services where we are gladly looking forward to assist you from start to finish; you name it-online booking, pre-loading presentation, careful loading, smooth transportation, pickups and assisted deliveries. We will continue to reciprocate your shipping needs; whatever they may be, and deliver that exceeds your expectations.


Daily Overland Freight Forwarder conforms with best practices in shipping regulations including proper handling and packaging of cargoes. Proper packaging protects the content from damages caused by transportation impact or road conditions. It is the first and best step to ensure that shipments will arrive safe at its destination.

Because we always wanted to provide our customers with efficient and quality service, we are offering these guidelines to help you understand the requirements in shipping and prepare the right packaging of your shipment that is damage-free and conforms with the local laws.

  1. Shipments with Special Handling
    Perishable Cargoes
        - Any shipments that may deteriorate decay or spoil because of changes in temperature or other environmental conditions while in transit such as foodstuffs including meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and cooked foods, flowers, and plants. Normally these items need refrigerants like ice and coolants to preserve their shelf life.
            -> Frozen foodstuffs should be double wrapped in a watertight plastic bag and safely placed and contained in a styrobox or container free from leakage that could damage other cargoes inside the van. We recommend the use of dry ice and gel coolants instead of wet ice. -Waiver of damages
    * Breakable Cargoes
        - Breakable or fragile cargoes are items that may easily be broken, damaged, or destroyed if exposed to bumpy roads due to south road conditions while in transit. This may include glassware, earthenware, tubes, television, and sculptures.
            -> Fragile cargoes should be properly packed and crated in such a way that would prevent the movement of items and eradicate the risk of breakages while in transit. - Waiver of Damages
  2. Cargoes with special permits
    All shipments will be accepted for transport only upon submission of the required permits in compliance with the provisions of law.
    * Forest products
        - Any products derived from the forest for direct consumption or commercial use such as woods and lumbers like narra, rattan, and its finish products such as furniture and articrafts.
    For safe and immediate processing of your shipments, you have to submit the following documentary requirements:

            -> Lumber
                - Orginal Copy of special permit to transport from DENR showing the following information
                    * Date range of shipping (Departure and arrival)
                    * Shipping company authorized by the shipper to transport the products
                    * Truck plate number
                    * Place of origin
                    * Place of Destination
                    * Volume and quantity
            -> Finish products (Furniture, Articrafts, etc.)
                    * Original Official Receipt of Sale where it was bought
    * Minerals and Quarry resources
        - This refers to any common rock or mineral substances declared by the mines and Geosciences Bureau as quarry resources such as corral, sand, decorative stones, granite, marble, red clay, limestone, sandstones, and the like.
    For safe and immediate processing of your shipments, you have to submit the following documentary requirements:
         - Original Copy of special permit to transport from DENR showing the following information
                * Date range of shipping (Departure and arrival)
                * Shipping company authorized by the shipper to transport the products
                * Truck plate number
                * Place of origin
                * Place of Destination
                * Volume and quantity
  3. Chemicals and Liquid Cargoes
    All shipments having a consistency like that of water and oil and can flow freely when poured out from its containers such as thinners, paints, cream, lotion, liquid soap, shampoo, and the like.
        * All liquid cargoes should be stored in a leak-free originally sealed containers leaving an expansion space for variations in temperature.
        * These should be packed in a strong wooden box or crate and use "This side up" labels. If not properly packed, chemicals and liquid cargoes could pop up and might damage the surrounding cargoes inside the van.
  4. Appliance, Gadgets, and Electronics Devices
    Any apparatus or device powered by electricity and other energy input such as stove, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, and the like. Appliances with glass parts like television will be considered as breakable cargoes.
        * Cushion edges of appliances to avoid dents and use durable boxes/packaging materials
        * Use bubble wrap, foam pillows, or another padding to fill gaps in the box and prevent movement while in transit. Ensure boxes are tightly sealed with durable packaging tape and likewise necessary to prevent electrical shock.
  5. Bad Orders (BO)
    Any products and items that are considered unsafe to use and operate commonly returned to its supplier/shipper for replacement.
        * Only accepted for transport when it has no foul odors that will contaminate other cargoes inside the van and will not pose health hazards.
  6. Cars, Motorcycle, and Motors Engines
    This type of shipment includes two-wheeled motor vehicles such as minibike, big bike, scooters, tricycle, cars, ATV, and automotive parts such as engines, transmission, and chassis. Only cars that will fit inside the van will be accepted for transport.
    For safe and immediate processing of your shipments, you have to submit the following documentary requirements:
        * Xeroxed copy of OR/CR and Official Receipt of Sale for unregistered newly bought vehicle to establish proof of ownership.
        * Drain/Empty the motorcycle gas tank and all parts with liquids and lubricants to ensure shipment is leak-proof and will not damage other cargoes inside the van.
  7. Mechanical Equipment
    These include machines and air conditioning equipment water tanks and their supporting structures.
        * Drain all parts with liquids and lubricants to ensure the shipment is leak proof.
        * Use strong wooden boxes and skeletal crate to hold and support equipment.
  8. Prohibited Cargoes
    These include cargoes restricted for transport under Philippine laws, such as but not limited to:
        * Explosives or incendiary substance or devices
        * Inflammatory substances
        * Ivory and live animals
        * Pornographic materials, pirated CDs, and DVDs
        * Toxic and Infectious substances
        * Prohibited Drugs
        * Charcoals
    It shall be the responsibility of the shipper to declare the true contents and worth of their shipments and ensure that it is not restricted, hazardous or prohibited materials.

    Improperly packed and tampered cargoes will not be accepted for transport to prevent damages and to erase doubts of pilferage while in transit.

    Thank you for sending your cargoes the Daily Overland way. . . efficient and quality service all the way . . .

    . . . because WE CARE!

Worry no more! You may track your shipments by sending us a message here in our Facebook page or or you may also text or call 09176757516. Please also make sure you have your registered mobile number on-hand as your assigned courier will be coordinating closely with you to make sure your pickup is a success.

In case a representative is given authority by the consignee, ensure that authorization has the genuine signature of the consignee and the person authorized must be able to present acceptable identification. Oh but don't let him/her forget to bring the following:

  1. Authorization letter of consignee
  2. Government Issued ID of Consignee
  3. Government Issued ID of representative

We reserve the right to reject authorization as we deem necessary

This is a great question as it's the shipper's responsibility to ensure that items, especially fragile and valuable ones, will carry out their journey damage free. Make sure that your cargoes are properly packed and wrapped to make it free from dents and scratches. Oh but don't forget to write off the important details and labels such as Shipper's and Consignee's Names, their addresses and contact details before you send your packages to our branches.

Online Booking Questions

  1. Visit our official website at
  2. Click "Accept" in your lower left screen for a data privacy policy.

  3. Click "CUSTOMER LOGIN" located at the upper right side of the page or book online, choose either "With Account" or "Guest".

  4. The log-in form will show up and you may log-in using your Facebook or Google account. If you don't have a Facebook or Google account. For you to proceed go to "How to register" question.

  5. After successful log-in, your Account Profile will show up. Now, click Create Online Booking on the menu then wait for the online booking form to load.

        > Select your shipper information from the drop-down list, address, and contact number will be filled out automatically. Create and manage contacts in your Shipper/Consignee List.
                Note:  If this is your first time to use our online booking most probably your contact list is empty, you have to add first your contacts. To proceed go to "How to add shipper/consignee" question
        > Select transaction type, destination, and shipment type from the dropdown list.

        > Input discount coupon number if available but this field is optional.
        > Select description, unit, and quantity in shipments
        > Accept terms

    Note: The system will not proceed and will prompt you if you miss out on some information.

  6. Before clicking the Create button, please have time to review your transaction and make changes if needed. Then note will popup to your screen (please see image below)

  7. Then click "Proceed" to process your online booking

  1. In the menu click Create New under Shipper/Consignee menu.

  2. Then click "Save". After submitting will immediately appear in shipper/consignee list. (please see image below).

  1. This section holds information about yourself. To access your profile information, click your name at the upper right corner of the web page, then click Profile.

  2. Here, you can update all your personal information e.g. change your password, add/update your address book, etc.

  1. In the Log-in page, click "I want to register" located at the bottom.

  2. Next, fill-up the form completely and agree to our Terms and Condition.
  3. Then click register and you're done, after registering your account, automatically show your account dashboard.

May mga problema sa pagpapadala? Huwag mabahala sapagkat simula ngayong Hunyo 2020, ang Daily Overland Freight Forwarder ay muling aarangkada na Mayroon ka bang mga katanungan? Haka-haka sa aming mga serbisyo? Hayaan niyo ang aming team na may kaukulang kaalaman sa pagpapadala ng inyong mga kargamento ang tumulong sa inyo. Mangyaring malaman kung papaano? Padalhan niyo kami ng mensahe gamit ang aming Facebook page

Pangkalahatan Katanungan

Ang Daily Overland Freight Forwarder ay mayroong iba't-ibang natatanging mga serbisyo tulad ng pagbobook online, mainam na pagtanggap at pagpasok ng inyong kargamento sa aming trak, pagpipickup at maingat na paghatid ng mga ito. Aming ikinalulugod na ikaw ay aming tutulungan  at patuloy naming tutugunan ang inyong mga pangangailangan sa pagpapadala-kahit ano man ang mga ito, saktong-sakto sa inyong mga inaasahan.

Upang  aming maisakatuparan at mabigyan ng pansin ang lahat ng inyong mga pangangailangan sa pagpapadala-mayroon kaming itinayong sampung (10) branches na sumasaklaw mula Kamaynilaan patungong Kabikulan. Ano pang hinihintay ninyo? Punta na sa aming pinakamalapit na Daily Overland Freight Forwarder branch. Narito ang kanilang mga lokasyon at talaan ng kanilang mga pagbubukas.

Para malaman kung ilan ang gagastusin niyo sa pagpapadala, ito ay nakadepende sa sukat at timbang ng inyong mga kargamento.

Upang aming gawan at kayo'y mabigyan ng Formal Quotation, mangyari sana na inyong punan ng mga importanteng detalye na sumusunod:

  • Pangalan ng shipper:
  • Ang kanyang address:
  • Ang kanyang Contact #:
  • Pangalan ng consignee:
  • Ang kanyang Address:
  • Ang kanyang Contact #:
  • Destinasyon:
  • Nilalaman:
  • Uri ng Kargamento:
  • Bilang ng piraso:
  • Bigat kada piraso:
  • Mga Dimensyon (LxWxH in cm) kada piraso:
  • Pick-up ba o deliver?

Pwede niyong ipadala ang mga nabanggit na detalye dito sa aming Facebook page

Huwag mangamba. Wala tayong tinatago na iba pang bayarin.

Dapat nating isaalang-alang na responsibilidad ng Shipper o ng Nagpapadala na tiyakin na ang mga kargamento, lalo na ang mga mababasagin, ay makakarating sa kanilang mga destinasyon na nasa mabuting kalagayan. Kailangang siguraduhin na ang mga kargamento ay nakabalot ng maayos upang hindi ito magalusan o magasgasan. Ops, huwag kalimutan na markahan ng mga importanteng detalye tulad ng pangalan ng Shipper o ng Nagpapadala, pangalan ng Consignee o ng Padadalhan, ang kanilang address at contact details, bago ipadala ang mga kargamento sa aming mga branches.

Kung mayroon kang representante na tatanggap ng inyong mga kargamento, mas mainam na siguraduhin na ang inyong representante ay may dala at may maipapakitang:

  1. Authorization letter mula sa Consignee
  2. Government issued ID ng Consignee
  3. Government issued ID ng Representante

Inilalaan namin ang pagpapasiya kung tatanggapin o tatanggihan ang awtorisasyon kung kinakailangan.

Nag-aalala kung saan na nga ba ang inyong mga pinadalang mga kargamento? Huwag mag-alala! Maaari niyong matrack sa mas madaling paraan sa pamamagitan ng pagpapadala ng mensahe dito sa aming Facebook page o maaari niyo kaming itext o tawagan sa number na ito: 09176757516. Huwag kalimutang lagyan ang inyong kasalukuyang ginagamit na cellphone number para agad namin kayong makontak upang siguraduhin na ang inyong mga kargemento ay matagumpay na makakarating sa destinasyon nito.

Online Booking Katanungan

  1. Bumisita sa aming website sa
  2. Pindutin ang "Accept" sa gawing kaliwang ibaba ng inyong pahina para sa data privacy policy.

  3. Pindutin ang "CUSTOMER LOGIN" na makikita sa gawing kanang-itaas ng pahina para makapag book online. Pumili kung "With Account" o "Guest"

  4. Ang log-in form ay lalalabas sa inyong screen, pwede ka maglogin gamit ang iyong Facebook or Google account. Kung wala kang pang Facebook o Google account. Para magpatuloy ka, pumunta sa "Pano magregister" na tanong..

  5. After a successful log-in, your Account Profile will show up. Now, click Create Online Booking on the menu then wait for the online booking form to load.

    -> Pliniin ang impormasyon ng nagpadala/padadalhan sa drop-down list, address at contact number ay mapupunan na kaagad. Gumawa o ayusin ang mga contacts sa iyongĂ‚ Shipper/Consignee List.
      Note: Kung ito ang unang beses na ginamit mo ang online booking, marahil ang iyong mga contacts ay wala pang laman, kailangan mong dumagdag muna ng iyong contacts. Para magpatuloy, pumunta sa  "Paano lagyan ng shipper/nagpadala o consignee/padadalhan" na tanong.
    -> Pumili ng transaction type, destination, and shipment type sa mga dropdown list.

    -> Ilagay ang discount coupon number kung meron pero ito ay opsyonal lamang.
    -> Pumili ng description, unit, and quantity ng mga ipadadala.
    -> I-check ang accept terms

    Note: Hindi i-poproseso ng system at maglalabas ng mensahe kung merong impormasyong inilagay ay kulang.

  6. Bago pindutin ang Create button, kung pwede paglaanan ng oras para i-review ang transaction at baguhin kung maari. Isang note ay lalabas sa iyong screen.

  7. At i-click ang "Proceed" para maproseso ang iyong online booking

  1. Sa menu i-click ang "Create New" na nakapaloob sa "Shipper/Consignee" menu.

  2. At i-click ang "Save". Pakatapos i-submit ay agad itong lalabas sa shipper/consignee list na makikita sa larawan sa ibaba.

  1. Nakapaloob dito ang impormasyon tungkol sayo. Para ma-access ang iyong impormasyon, i-click ang iyong pangalan na nasa gawing kanang-itaas na bahagi ng iyong webpage, at i-click ang "Profile".

  2. Dito pwede mong i-update ang iyong personal na impormasyon halimbawa: papalitan ang iyong password, magdagdag/magupdate ng iyong address book, at iba pa.

  1. Sa iyong Log-in page, i-click ang "I want to register" na matatagpuan sa ibabang bahagi.

  2. Sunod ay punan ang form ang mga kailangan na impormasyon at i-check ang "Terms and Condition".
  3. At i-click ang Register at pagkatapos mo magregister ng iyong account, didiretsu ito sa iyong account dashboard.